A Sampling


JOHN THE FRANKLIN is comprised a set of talented musicians who simply love to get together and play.   That sense of pleasure is apparent in all they do as a musical group.


Vocals, keyboards, drums and guitar are some of the talents of this experienced Oklahoma talent.  Frank has been playing music for over twenty years professionally and has been the manager for the well known local group, FULL CIRCLE as well as JOHN THE FRANKLIN.
Frank Barry - Leader and Vocals

He also writes his own music and adds these to the cover songs reflecting his love of folk rock and his soft rock leanings.  Their are strong country influences as well.  His influences include Jimmy Buffet, the Eagles, Van Morrison, and numerous others.

M.J. Hudson - Bass
Playing bass, this experienceed musician usually prefers using a blues style (walking bass). This adds a strong, definite bass line to the JTF selections that is both smooth and vibrant.   His influences include a strong southern blues & rock flavor such as ZZ Top, Dire Straits, Molly Hatchet, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and others.

James Massie - Lead huitar
Lead guitarist for the rock group, Full Circle, James  steps in frequently to add his impressive skills the the JTF sound. His influences include strong metal, classic rock, soulful blues, and the masters of killer lead work.  James is known by his fans as one awesome guitat player and his musical stylings greatly enhance the sound of JTF.