A Sampling


For booking information contact Box Talent Agency or  email  Marvin J. Hudson with an evening phone of  405-307-0962 (can leave a message)   OR  email Frank Barry.

September 2013 -
6- Native Spirits Winery 7-10
7-OU Game (not sure about the times yet)
13-Clear Bay Cafe (private party) 6-9
21-Newcastle Casino 8-11
27-Michelangelo's 7-9:30ish

October 2013
5-OU Game  times are TBA
8-Shawnee (tentative)
9-Shawnee (tentative)
18-tentative for Native Spirits Winery

November 2013
8-Michelangelo's 7-9:30ish

December 2013-

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